Demonstrations of painting techniques will be held at the following times in a room within the Art Show venue. The area is accessible by lift, escalator or stairs. These are free presentations to Art Show patrons and feature leading artists from around Australia. Demonstrating artists will be available at the end of their presentations, or in the designated area where their paintings are displayed at the Art Show.

The Camberwell Art Show Committee looks forward to seeing you at one of the demonstrations during the art show.

Brenda Innes,
Demonstration Program Convenor, Camberwell Art Show Committee

Download the program in pdf format 

Date Time Artist Medium Subject
7.7.18 11.30am Mike Barr Acrylic A depiction of Brunswick Street in acrylics and turning a dry weather photo into a wet-weather scene.
  2.00pm Robert Knight Oil Ethereal landscape painting from an aerial perspective.
8.7.18 11.30am Cathy Van Ee Oil The Fundamentals of Portraiture in Oils. 
  2.00pm Mark Dober Mixed Media The use of w/c & oil pastel to increase the visual impact of work on paper. 
9.7.18 11.30am Grace Paleg Pastel Still life: The Passage of Light across objects on Surface 
  2.00pm Ev Hales Watercolour Background impact: How to positively use the spaces around your objects. 
14.7.18 11.30am It Hao Pheh Watercolour An Old Building with Sunset Mood.
  2.00pm John Orlando Birt Watercolour A Venetian Scene 
15.7.18 11.30am Vivi Palegeorge Acrylic/Oil Depth in a Landscape: French Lavender Fields  
  2.00pm Craig Penny Acrylic A contemporary approach to painting boats & water 

Artist's Bio

Mike Barr


Extracting positive emotions from viewers is the main focus of Mike's work. He has explored two main subjects that in themselves are departures from the normal humdrum of life; and that is the beach and rainy-day cityscapes. Rain in the city is a real-life drama that evokes both excitement and comfort when seen in a painting. In the last few years Mike has concentrated on developing a style that does not tell the whole story and likes to draw-in viewers and invite them to be a part of the scene. He coaxes involvement - he extracts feelings of being there, and at last lets viewers revel in the warmth and dryness of where they stand!

Above: Rain On Chapel


Mark Dober


In his Mixed Media Demonstration, using watercolour, gouache and oil pastel, Mark will have on display one of his photographs of the landscape at Cairn Curran, near Maldon in central Victoria, and make reference to this during the demonstration. The end result should be a painting that is both like the featured work yet different and unique. What people are going to be most interested in is how he combines the different but complementary media of transparent and delicate watercolour with bold and opaque oil pastel. He aims to show how to do this, step by step, and to show how the vitality and visual impact of work on paper can be heightened by this combination. While he won’t be working plein air, his work on display (all plein air) will inform the entire process demonstrated.

Above: Cairn Curran 2


Ev Hales


Ev's work has a distinctive style in the use of watercolour. Skilled with varied subject matter and a clear personal vision, her work is firmly based in the 21st century. Inspiration for her work is firmly based in reality and this means much time is spent on location in both urban and natural settings. Ev's keen eye finds subjects that are insightful, recording changes in nature and everyday moments indicative of our time. Her aim is to leave a legacy of work that speaks of her life and times. She wants to capture unique everyday moments that seem effortless, intriguing with a complexity of colour reflecting the magic of colour in nature. Ev's demonstration will be on Background impact – How to positively use the spaces around your objects. Controlling the edges of your brush strokes is a key skill. See how this technique is used in a number of different situations.

***This will be a series of exercises not a single painting - so small study works***, Ev Hales You tube to see her in action.

Above: The Blue Door


Rob Knight


Rob's goal as an artist is to convey a message of beauty that he sees in his every day life, through the mediums of painting and drawing. His style varies from realist contemporary to a design oriented format. He paints spiritual landscapes that include rainforest, cityscapes, atmospheric aerial views and seascapes...What ever he sees that he loves, is what he paints; to share his passion with the viewer. He would like to demonstrate how he approaches his ethereal landscape paintings. He will be working on a medium size canvas at a fast pace, and plans to have a finished painting in this session. He will be working from his own reference photos of aerial views. Application of his paint is a key to how he works; showing brushstrokes, creating textures, using palette knives and brushes. He will discuss his limited colour palette and mixing of colours as he works.

Above: Purple And Gold


Grace Paleg


"The Passage of Light across objects on Surface": In her demonstration Grace will be painting with pastel a still life which she has already begun, painted from life and photographed in various stages so that you will be able to follow the progression of this painting to its final stage. She will be describing in detail her particular style as we proceed with the same still life setup as she answers any questions that may come her way. Grace travels widely, taking workshops and judging at Art Festivals and Societies throughout Australia and NZ. Grace has over 200 awards including six times Best Pastel at the Camberwell Art Show. She is a regular contributor to the International and Australian Artist Magazines as well as the French Practique des Arts

Above: Magical Morning


John Orlando Birt


A dedicated artist traveller and preferring to paint en plein air, John reflects in his work a pursuit of artistic integrity from his drawing skills, due to his early academic training in industrial design, to his meticulous compositional ability and his unique approach in capturing light, air and space. "It is the challenge of capturing the changing moods that light creates across the day and it's subsequent effects on the surroundings such as buildings the countryside and water," John says. Painting on location ensures that the essence of the subject remains the first priority, especially the subtleties, nuances and tempo of that particular region. The demonstration painting that John will complete, will be a subject of Venice similar to the image to the right.


Vivi Palegeorge


Vivi enjoys painting a variety of subject matter. In particular, she seeks to capture and transfer to the viewer, the serenity and calm found in nature as a contrast to the busy and frenetic pace of everyday life. She also sets time aside weekly to experiment with different media so as to fully push her creative boundaries and grow as an artist. The subject of the other demonstration will the lavender fields of Provence. She will be using her method of blocking in major shapes with acrylics and then progressing through to the mid and final stages of the painting with oil. Particular attention will be given to how to create depth in the scene and how to tackle and break up all the purple found in the lavender fields.

Above: Evening Glow, Avignon


Craig Penny


Craig likes to think that to paint a successful painting is not so much to have tamed the beast, rather to have been taken along for the ride and still be there at the end of the experience. For Craig painting is like life ... giving yourself enough skill, knowledge and integrity and then letting your- self free to take what is thrown your way. You don't need to tame and control it for magic to just need to be thereat the end.

At this years Camberwell Art Show, Craig will be demonstrating a more contemporary approach to painting boats and water.

Above: At Mordialloc


It Hao Pheg


The subject of It Hao's demonstration is: "An Old Building with Sunset Mood". The basic principles demonstrated will be: using drawing as the fundamental of art, emphasis on the beauty of old buildings, slight exaggeration of composition and perspective, the free flow effect of watercolour, bleeding of colours into one another, multiple layers of light colours, building up the depth gradually, warm and cool colour for strengthening the focal point, splattering watercolour, a trick to add some details and finishing. The demonstration isbasically divided into two parts: drawing with pastel pencils and basic tones and multiple layers of watercolour technique. Website:

Above: 6th Day, Lisboa


Cathy Van Ee


Cathy's portrait commissions include portraits of company directors, CEOs, school principals, prominent public figures within the arts and sporting world, as well as individuals. Cathy has also collaborated on a major work with acclaimed indigenous artist Ginger Riley. She regularly receives awards for her highly acclaimed landscapes and portraits. She has been a finalist in the prestigious A.M.E. Bale Art Prize, and more recently the inaugural Collie Art prize. Cathy is now increasing her reputation for excellence in her work by sharing her eclectic skills in oil and pastel with emerging and proficient artists. Apart from regular classes, Cathy is in high demand for her informative and inspirational workshops and demonstrations at art societies, galleries groups around Victoria and interstate. Above: Andrew The subject of Cathy's demonstration will be: The Fundamentals of Portraiture in Oils- "Endeavouring for expressive painting with no loss of accuracy."

Above: Andrew